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Dahlia teaches belly dance classes

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It is believed that Belly Dance, also know as

Oriental Dance, is the oldest known dance form in history as far back as ancient times.

Roots can be traced back to folkloric dances of the Bedawin tribes in the middle east. More recently, it gained popularity in the cabarets of Egypt, Lebanon and Europe. It was introduced to America in 1893 at the Worlds Fair with dancer, Fatima. In the early middle eastern films of the 1940s, Oriental Dance Stars were born; Najwa Fouad, Tahia Carioca. & Samia Gamal.

Today, belly dance  is thriving internationally as a beautiful art form and an incredible way to strengthen and tone core muscles. It is truly a dance for women of all ages. It is exercise while feeling the joy of feminine body movement and self expression. It builds self esteem and helps to relieve stress. Join Dahlia in her ongoing classes to fill your spirit, tone your body and make friends with strong, self confident women who have discovered Belly Dance.

Whether you can dance circles around anyone on Dancing With the Stars or your talent is mostly confined to the Macarena and the Electric Slide, working up a sweat on the dance floor (or in your living room) has its perks. Research suggests that dance beneficially modulates concentrations of serotonin and dopamine, improving mood. Dance is a complete mind, body and emotional


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Belly Dance

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