As an instructor, international performer, choreographer, troupe director, event sponsor and studio owner, Dahlia, has enjoyed an exciting and rewarding career in Oriental Dance for over 30 years. Her specialty is Egyptian Cabaret as seen in top Cairo night clubs today. Her style is artistic and expressive contrasting fluidity with dynamics.
Dahlia developed her classic style studying with some of the  most famous Egyptian and Lebanese Oriental dance stars including Nadia Gamal, Momo Kadous, Mo Gaddawi and Ibrahim Farrah. She traveled to Egypt to see and study the dance styles of Oriental Dance Superstars; Nagwa Fouad, Souheir Zaki and Fifi Abdo in person.

Dahlia’s background includes extensive studies in gymnastics, ballet, modern, jazz, tap, ballroom and Latin dances as well as Persian, Saudi, Greek folkloric dance styles.

Dahlia has performed and taught workshops in the major U.S cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Denver. Internationally, she has performed in Spain, France, Monaco, Greece and Mexico. She has been featured around the world in such venues as top Middle Eastern nightclubs, concerts including Lollapalooza and the Gypsy Kings, international beauty pageants, festivals, special events (including many stage shows), weddings, restaurants, and private parties. Dahlia was a main attraction at the 1992 World's Fair in Seville, Spain representing the United States and opened the International Show at the Tucancun Hotel in Mexico, 2003. She to has sponsored and hosted events with Middle Eastern Star Dancers such as Samasam, Katia and Momo Kadous direct from Egypt, also Ma*Shuqa of California.

Dahlia's audiences have included such celebrities as Dolly Parton, Marlo Thomas, Alan Thick, Darrel Hannah, Cyndi Lauper, Teri Garr, Danny Glover, Jennifer Beals, Steve Allen, Lee Horsley, Debbie Allen, Miles Copeland, Perry Farrell, and the rock group White Snake. She is a former member of "Avaz International Dance Theater" of Los Angeles and "Karen Lee Dance Theatre" of Denver. She was a regularly featured dancer in the cable television series "Belly Dance with Atea". Her performances can be seen on the videos and dvds "Belly Dance Slow Moves" and "Belly Dance Fast Moves". Highly respected as an instructor, Dahlia continues to teach middle eastern dance and Ballroom/Latin dances in the local Denver area.

Dahlia’s instruction is progressive, structured and emphasizes precise technique. She is available for private lessons as well as workshops and performances. She also teaches Ballroom and Latin in Denver, and Lakewood.